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PROJECTS... & Other Goodies!

The Sensational Sensations!

​We work with individuals with profound special needs, such as autism, Down syndrome, medically fragile conditions, and other physical & mental challenges. The key here is direct, hands-on experiential arts. Simply put, listening to music is great but making music and performing is much much better! And lots more fun.

Sensational Arts!

​Nothing like the expressive arts to bring out the best of our potential. Today's educational & medical literature is filled with the benefits of people getting more actively involved with the expressive arts, such as music, movement, drama, visual arts, and more. The expressive arts are like magic & highly motivational. We are very happy to put them to work for our participants!


A classroom can be a wonderful place, but it's still basically four walls. To really think outside the box, well, we get outside the box! And hit the great awesome outdoors!  No "NDD" at Project CURE. That stands for Nature Deficit Disorder, and we believe in getting our participants outside as much as possible for some fresh air and some refreshing new activities. Nothing like the unique challenges of a ropes course to foster teamwork and motivation!

Assistive Technology

No more passive observers!  No excuses not to be an active participant! In the pic here, one of students uses a knee switch & communication device to "sing" his part of a duet. Assistive technology & expressive arts is indeed the dynamic duo! Project CURE the World has seen tremendous growth from our participants in a wide variety of critical skills, from academic gains to increase in self-esteem and, of course, those mighty important participatory skills!

The CURE begins with...       YOU

Based in nature abundant south Florida has its many advantages. It's basically an outdoor culture year long. But there are still many people, even those who call this area home, who just never see the "real" Florida. By this, we don't mean the hundreds of strip malls and artsy places like Lincoln Rd. We're talking the beaches, the state and national parks, which of course means the awesome Everglades. We are very pleased to offer all sorts of excursions into the wilds of south Florida for our participants. Whether it's a canoe or kayak trip or snorkeling at the beach.  Talk about a multi-sensory experience! You can't beat the real McCoy nature experiences!

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